Grand Master (introduction and profile of Shiina - Soke)

Grand Master Shiina Kazue

Born (May 17th 1953) and raised at Ryugasaki city - Ibaraki Prefecture Japan.,_Ibaraki

After graduating college served as a mathematics teacher at the local public school and retired at the age of 53 years old.

Following his retirement from the school faculty, established “Musho Kosha” a firm which specializes in construction of Kendo training halls (custom built floors) with track-records in Japan and abroad.武床工舎-255137528167144/posts/

June 2013, appointed as the Grand Master of Hokushin Ittoryu school currently instructing both kendo and kenjutsu world-wide.

Kendo / Kenjutsu resume :

First started kendo at junior high school, under the tutelage of former Imperial Army Captain, Master Takeda Harue. Later became a student of Master Yajima Saburo (6th lineage holder of Hokushin Ittoryu).

As a novice was considered to be the least adept practitioner compared to his other classmates but with the encouragement from his mentor as a promising talent as a “Late Bloomer” - overcame the initial setback and continued the practice till today to become a successful “kendoka”

Entered Ibaraki Ryugasaki High School re-known for its academic and sports achievements serving as a captain of the Kendo Team qualifying and competing at the nation-wide inter-high school games.

Admitted to Shibaura Industrial University during which he met Master Sato Hironobu

(then a 7th dan-instructor at the National Police HQ) becoming his inner-door student for the following 42 years while greatly influenced by Sato-sensei’s techniques and personality.

At 25 years old met Master Ogawa Chutaro at All Japan Workshop. Greatly influenced by the Master’s “spiritual” teachings devoted time at Ogawa-sensei’s Kodo-kai, a study group of Zen meditation and use of short shinai (bamboo sword).

At 30 years old became a student of Master Sakai Shohei, an inner student of Master Kato Kanji a successor to Grand Master Yamada Jirokichi, a 15th lineage holder of the Jikishin Kageryu School to practice the art of Hojo. Ever since the art of Hojo has become one of Shiina sensei’s core training syllabus to enhance himself and his students kendo practice.

At 31 years old got introduced to Master Aoki Hideo (a Hokushin Ittoryu lineage holder from the Kodo Gikai School – famed for his “tsuki” sword thrusting techniques).

From Aoki-sensei further received tutelage of piecing the shinai, furi-bo (training by using a heavy wooden sword), body movements, and basic cutting techniques.

At 35 years old received tutelage from Master Yajima Saburo the “kirikaeshi” (continuous cuts) techniques of Hokushi Ittoryu along with inner transmission of the Hokushin Ittoryu Kumitachi (paired practice). Simultaneously、learned the traditional “Tai Atari” (colliding and jamming) techniques from Master Oya Ichiro.

With the demise of the above mentioned Masters started research into other traditional

martial arts including “Kyudo” (Japanese Archery).

After retirement at the aforementioned age of 53 years old, commenced to hold lectures / workshops at Japan and abroad also becoming a regular columnist for the Kendo Japan magazine

During November 2013, an appointment ceremony as a 7th Grand Master of Hokushin Ittoryu was held under the sanction of the Chiba family in which the buddhist statue and the traditional sword which rested at the original school in Genbukan at Kanda Otamagaike (current Chiyoda ward in Tokyo) were presented to certify Shiina Sensei as the official lineage holder.