HQ & Overseas Branch

Hokushin Ittoryu· Dojo (school) Regulation:

The following will be the official code for students joining the Hokushin Ittoryu School.

Those who wish to join the school can have one try-out session.

Once the decision is made, the new student(s) will apply in writing and receive approval from the Soke (Grand Master).

For distant and overseas student(s), application will be handed to the Regional Director and will be granted permission for provisional entry.

After one month's lesson under the supervision of the Regional Director, and being evaluated as a worthy student, the application will be passed onto the Grand Master for final permission of entry.

When entry is permitted, an initiation ceremony will be held at an appropriate time. For the initiation ceremony, the new-entrant will be asked to provide tea and sweets to the senior classmates to be consumed during and after the ceremony. In addition, up to two bottles of beverages (alcoholic) should be sent as a gift to the Grand Master.

For distant and overseas new students, the Regional Director(s) will be responsible for running the initiation ceremony.

Dojo rules:

- The dojo can be opened by any one individual regardless of his/her grading qualifications

- The dojo will be certified as either Regional Headquarter or Regional Branch depending on the location & size etc.

- The Regional Headquarter will be the first dojo in the area to be certified.

- The Regional Branch will be under the jurisdiction of the Regional Headquarter.

- Dojo can be established even by a single person, but under the obligation to recruit and train other permanent member(s) within one year.

- One will post an official school sign under the name Hokushin Ittoryu

- Practice session will be held at least once a week.

- All dojo should hold a workshop by the Grand Master more than once a year

- Each dojo will create a list of all student members

- Each dojo will pay a determined annual franchise fee to the Grand-Master.

Regional Director / Branch Chief(s):

- Individual dojo(s) will assign the Regional Director or Branch Chief.

- The Regional Director as well as the Branch Chief will be obliged to receive direct training from the Grand Master or a designated instructor at least once a year.

Supervision to new students

- The Regional Director can issue temporary admission and Provisional (Jun) Membership. (Provisional Membership period is limited to 1 month)

- After one month from being issued the Provisional Membership, the Regional Director can request the Grand Master to issue an official Membership Certificate.


- Regional Director and Branch Chief may conduct Kyu and Provisional examination(s).

- The Regional Director can conduct an examination for semi (provisional)-licensing.

- Examinations shall be conducted and judged by the highest license holder of the given Dojo.

- An examiner can conduct a license testing up to their equivalent degree.

- The examination fee can be decided by the Headquarter Director.

- The Regional Director will be responsible for reporting and registering the names of the successful examination applicant(s) for the Regional Headquarter(s) and with the Grand Master.

Regional Headquarter issued Certificates (Provisional = “Jun” Certificates)

Provisional Membership

3rd Kyu Shidachi 1~5

2nd Kyu Shidachi 6~10

1st Kyu Shidachi 11~15

Jun Kirikami Shidachi 1~20

Jun Mokuroku Uchidachi 1~20

Jun Shoden Menkyo Shidachi / Uchidachi 1~20

Jun Chuden Menkyo (Jikishin Kageryu Hojo 4 sets)

Jun Okuden Menkyo (Jun-Shihan)

Grand Master (Soke) issued official Certificates



Shoden Menkyo

Chuden Menkyo

Okuden Menkyo ( Shihan)

Gokui Menkyo Kaiden (permit to establish a separate Hokushin Ittoryu lineage)