Hokushin Ittoryu and modern day Kendo

As the latter kenjutsu school, Hokushin Ittoryu had the largest number of practitioners due to its excellent systemized practice methods. With the demise of the samurai clan, modern day Kendo was established. With the birth of Kendo, Naito Takaharu sensei from the Hokushin Ittoryu was selected as the head master and director of the newly established discipline.

As a result, the various techniques of Hokushin Ittoryu was passed down on to the modern kendo’s training method. In another words by studying and understanding the Hokushin Ittoryu’s principle and techniques, it will lead to revealing the inner most secrets of Kendo. Hokushin Ittoryu discipline is a very effective way to enhance one’s Kendo’s practice and will greatly help today’s Kendo-ka (practitioners).